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Fixed the mistake

This week was quite busy. My sister, who lives in Sweden, and her girlfriend where over for a few days. We spend a lot of time together and I loved it. One of the things we did together was dyeing some yarn! We took two skeins and layered colours over each other together. We both have a skein now, and I love it.

The mistake I made in my lace pattern last time I posted is fixed, luckily. I only had to knit back four rows (which still are like a thousand stitches 🙈) This is how it looks now:

It is knit in one piece, starting at the back, increasing for the sleeves, and now I am working the left front. After that I only need to do the right front and the seaming and finishing of the edges.

Did you know you can use stitchmarkers to secure a interchangeable cable? Just pop one trough the little hole ,that’s normally used to tighten the needle, and your cable isn’t going anywhere. Very nice when you run out of cable stoppers!

Because it is August I started my August socks, and I have a H.O. (A half finished object, for those who don’t now this term 😉)

The cable sits at the back of the sock as a little detail.

And there is more! I finally gave in and started a cosy memories blanket. I’m only using scraps of projects or minis I got as a gift. This way every square will actually have a memory.

The last thing I want to talk about is a book I bought: the fleece and fiber sourcebook. It’s amazing, I love reading in it even without looking for something specific. It has beautiful photographs and I think it should be on everybody’s bookshelf when you are working with fiber or just love to know more about the thing you love!


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