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Stuff happens

It’s been a while since my last blog. A lot of stuff happened, which made my crafting time less. One of those things is our cute little kitten. His name is Whisky and he needs attention 😊

Another thing that happened: our refrigerator broke in the hottest week of the year 😱 I’m looking forward to turn my new one on this evening! Oh how I missed chilled drinks!

So beside al de life stuff that happened I have been crafting, of course. I finished my July socks in my own yarn!

The colourway is: een oceaan I’m the base glans.

Also I have been working on my Malfoy manor wrapper, a design by Vicki Square. I think I started 6 times over to get the hang of the lace pattern.

I think I’m about 1/3 into the pattern at this moment. Yesterday however I made a mistake. I tried to fix it, but only made is worse 😱 I dare not rip back, so I have to knit back 4 rows of 293 stitches… That’s something to do this evening.

Talk to you soon!


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